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Friday, 7 August 2015

Advantages for New Entrepreneurs during the Global Recession Times

You may think a recession is the vigourous time to start a business,but its not all bleak .In reality there are alot of advantagesto prove it as the best of times to begin during downturn.Startups,with their inherent agility ,can fake advantages of a weaker economy and come out on top.

If you don't believe me ,take it from Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft in 1975,when the country was suffering from stagflation & GDP .   Fred Smith ,who founded FedEX in 1973,at the start of a two year recession

Steve Jobs rejuvenated Apple in the midst of the bust.
During the great recession in 2007 US ,the steepest decline since the end of world war 2 .But was their a silver lining to the downturn? Definitely,Yes .The potential opportunities from opening a new business outweighed the alternatives,despite slumping demand $ tight credit for alot of them across US.

Few advantages as mentioned are-


Everything from office supplies to rent to machinery are available at low prices.Most of the equipments can be bought at liquidation prices as many existing businesses downsize or go out of business completely .

Business ownership offers a variety of tax benefits that aren't available to employees. While taxes should be one of the reason to go into business for yourself, and not a sole reason.
You can negotiate great deals that allow the current owners an escape while giving you an opportunity to turn around what could be .Its simply being aware of good opportunities others have buggered up,and finding deals.

When everyone is looking to survive, great deals can be had .That means a bullish outlook for companies looking for good terms on stock and inventories .All parties have win -win situations that allow for stock flow & cash

Alot of us have always dreamed of someday owning our own business .During downturn,a stalled career or a job loss,may provide the right impetus towards this dream as good job opportunities are hard to find .

In times of Global Recession you always have the door open to hire better people and pay them less,than during the times of boom.
Venture capitalists often say that on an average there are four companies chasing good idea and that's in a 'normal' economy.
In an economy like today you have got your brainstorm all to if u think the lousy economy is holding you back ,

Think Again!!

Chahat Chawla  
Gemmologist / Jewellery Desinger .

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Mass Layoffs Planned at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)for 2015 as well

Forum for IT Employees (F.I.T.E) brings together employees of various IT and ITES companies. 
Platform to speak out
 There are no mass layoffs being planned at  Tata Consultancy Services  (TCS) - 
that's the firm and clear word coming from India's largest IT company as it denies reports of pink slips being handed out to a section of Employees. Year 2014 has been a mixed year for India's largest software company with first half growth rates of 17 percent and cross currency headwinds ahead, TCS is now winding up the year having to battle rumors of layoffs within its massive work force of 300,000 plus. The company firmly denies reports which had claimed that a substantial number of Employees will face the axe as part of a restructuring exercise.
TCS has confirmed  that it is on track to hire 55,000 Employees in the coming financial year. According to a statement by the company, as a performance driven company, workforce optimisation is a continuous process which happens throughout the year taking into account Employee performance, business needs, and people aspirations. This leads to some amount of involuntary attrition in the company. This is nothing out of the ordinary or a special situation for us to comment about. Sources say that like every year, 1-1.5 percent of the total work force, which works out to about 3,000 Employees, have been asked to go as a part of involuntary attrition. TCS watchers point out that there is nothing unusual about these numbers as most of these terminations are linked to performance.
Meanwhile, as it calms rumours around pink slips being handed out, TCS CEO N Chandrasekaran, has written a letter to Employees highlighting the companies achievements in 2014, assuring them of continue growth.
In the letter, Chandrasekharan says: “This has been another exceptional year for us in many ways. We continued to post industry leading growth rates and deepen our footprint in our key markets. Our businesses continued scaling in size and market prominence. Several of our business units which have crossed the USD 1 billion mark in annual revenues are now sizeable with revenues in multi-billions of dollars.” With big US banks looking at doing away with the practice of earmarking large annual IT budgets, 2015 may be a year that sees the Indian IT sector shift gears in the way it operates.
While that may throw up its challenges, Chandrasekharan believes newer technologies, innovation and a more agile organisation structure will see the industry and his company through this transformation.

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outsourcer - Employed 3.10 lakh people as of 
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There are no mass layoffs being planned at TCS- that's the firm and clear word ... Year 2014 has been a mixed year for India's largest software ...

is on Facebook. To connect with We are against TCS LayOff, sign up for Facebook today. .... are against TCS LayOff · December 31, 2014 at 2:32am · Edited ·.
TCS to hire 35,000; rejig may also see senior-level layoffs ...

Tata Consultancy Services, India's largest software exporter, will hire 35000 ... 

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 TCS denies reports of layoffs, claims attrition less than 2%. The company has ... Crude Oil prices in free fall: Lowest since June 2014.
Laid off TCS staff consult legal experts - Deccan Chronicle

DC CORRESPONDENT | December 28, 2014, 05.12 am IST ... said the discussion was about challenging the company legally on its decision of massive layoff. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Declaination The Leading Companies Like HCL, Firstsource, Maruti And Britannia Are Going At The Way Of

Declaination The Leading Companies Like HCL, Firstsource, Maruti And  Britannia Are Going At The Way Of

A slowdown can mean different things to different companies.
There are companies that take a step back, or two. There are companies that press pause. 
But if there's one thing that runs through the four companies featured on this Blog 

they became bolder in the slowdown, demonstrated greater urgency to move forward, and made calculated choices that entailed a risk they felt confident of managing.

Together, Gupta and Nayar have presided over a margin gain of 9 percentage points since 2008. This is a period that saw IT industry association Nasscom lower annual growth projections for the IT services business from around 16per centto 12%
In this period, Indian leader TCSBSE 0.20 % improved this metric from 25.8per cent to 30.7per cent, while the number two player, Infosys, fell from 33.2per centto 27.2per cent. HCL is narrowing the gap, leveraging its improving capabilitie.

HCL, Firstsource, Maruti And  Britannia Are Going At The Way Of Declaination,

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Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
Trainee News Editor

Samira Surbhi

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Three Billion People in Asia and Africa are going to turn Middle Class


Three Billion People in Asia and Africa are going to turn Middle Class in the next 20 Years
The World feels especially scary lately. There has been mayhem in the Middle East, Russia seems on the verge of Becoming a rogue state, violence in Central America is driving children to make the harrowing trek to the U.S. border, and much of Asia is bickering over Pacific islands and political dominance.

Global politics are rarely this unstable.

Global Financial markets, by contrast, are sanguine. The U.S. Stock market had been at Record highs until most recently, and markets in most of the rest of the World aren't far behind. Investors are willing to buy the bonds of Financially challenged companies and countries at Record low interest rates. Global commodity prices and most currencies, including the U.S. Dollar, are steady.

This disconnect between geopolitics and Economics isn't new. Historically, chaos overseas has mattered little to the U.S. Economy and Financial markets. Barely a ripple was caused by the Soviet Union's invasions of Hungary and Czechoslovakia during the Cold War, or by numerous Israeli-Arab conflicts, or even by the Korean and Vietnam wars. The only obvious exception was the 1973 Arab oil embargo, which caused Global oil prices to spike and the Economy to tank.

The current round of Global troubles appears even less threatening to the Economy. This stems partly from the aggressive policies of the Federal Reserve and other central banks. With short-term interest rates at zero, investors seeking higher returns are enticed to accept or overlook the risks to their Stocks and bonds.

Global Recession in Asia Global Recession 2014 Global Recession Causes and Consequences Causes of Recession in ASia Recession in USA Economic Recession 2014 Recession in 2014 What Is Recession Apple Google Microsoft

Yusko, Kellner Disagree On Recession Odds

Japan is a Southeast Asia story and three billion people in Asia and Africa are going to turn middle class in the next 20 years,” he said. Population growth will drive a consumption wave, the likes of which the World has never seen, he said, which will ...
Deutsche Post Earnings Beat Estimates on Parcel Business

Deutsche Post reiterated a forecast for Ebit to rise to as high as 3.1 billion euros this year, while scrapping a 2015 target as it spends more to make the Global forwarding and freight units competitive. Economic revival in the countries sharing the ...
Steady trans-Atlantic ocean trade offers respite for carriers

It may not match the bumper earnings the Asia-Europe trade generates in a strong market, but neither does it produce the massive losses on the World's biggest trade lane that have pushed the majority of carriers into the red over the past few quarters ...
Global news won't deter Economy

There has been mayhem in the Middle East, Russia seems on the verge of bEcoming a rogue state, violence in Central America is driving children to make the harrowing trek to the U.S. border, and much of Asia is bickering over Pacific islands and ...

Willem Buiter: Little Systemic Risk from a Financial Crash

Many Economists have said that today's China shares many similarities with Japan in the late 1980s because both rely heavily on exports and cheap labor to back growth, and both suffered asset bubbles caused by post-crisis stimulus and a

Putin still insists that Russia has no involvement and spoke at a Moscow tribute event saying “tragedies Worldwide are caused by the ambitions of leaders and called for peace”. Russia was told to pay $50 billion in Fines ... The Russian President may

'If you want a strong pound, it has to be for the right reasons'

But with World markets already unnerved by conflict, it could hardly be worse for exporters. Share · Tweet this ... As a consequence, London-listed companies with divisions in Europe and the US are taking a hit when they translate their foreign ...
What Argentina's Default Means for the Rest of Us

The American Conservative

Argentina has defaulted eight times in its 200-year history, the latest coming on Thursday after a bizarre legal saga that left Argentine sovereign debt in the hands of a Manhattan federal district judge. Judge Thomas Griesa ruled that Argentina could ...

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Saturday, 2 August 2014

More than 40 Airlines have shut shop worldwide because of Global Aviation Recession

More than 40 Airlines have shut shop worldwide because of Global Aviation Recession

Passenger traffic is expected to decline by 4 per cent and cargo by 14 per cent for 2009. Yields are expected to fall by 12 per cent for passenger and 15 per cent for cargo. The fall in passenger yield is led by the 20 per cent drop in demand for premium travel. Cargo utilisation remains at less than 50 per cent despite the removal of 227 freighters from the global fleet. There is little hope for an early recovery in yields in either the passenger or cargo markets.

In addition to these, Aviation Turbine Fuel prices are still ruling high adding to the costs. There is no justification for higher prices as oil prices have fallen. Worldwide, Airlines have lost in fuel bill in 2009 and $16.8b in 2008.

International Air Traffic,
Indian Aviation Industry,
Deccan Herald in New Delhi,

Mohini Porwal [ B Sc]
Trainee News Editor

Samira Surbhi

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Masala Dosa Pics with Mohini Porwal Photographer Mohini From India

Masala Dosa Pics with Mohini Porwal Photographer

Mohini    From India

I will be Your Mohini Porwal Photographer Professional Aviation News Editor  or Blog  Spokes Person in Asia.

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